Industry and Patients involved: Collaboration of Holland Bio and admedicum

“To offer companies a helping hand with patient engagement, HollandBIO and admedicum teamed up to develop the PEG. The idea was born by Wouter Strijker, at the time with Holland Bio, and Philipp von Gallwitz, Co-Founder of admedicum® Business for Patients, at the Orphan Summit Conference in Amsterdam in late 2016.

The idea was tested and further developed in a workshop with HollandBIO members in Den Hague in April 2017. During a websinar in November a demo version was presented to interested members and patient representatives. Feedback from these events and from numerous individual exchanges with patient and industry contributors has been invaluable! An overview of contributors and partners can be found in the section “Thanks to Contributors”.

HollandBIO is the rapidly-growing industry association that represents the interests of Dutch biotech companies. Our members clearly reflect the biotech sector: from start-ups and SMEs to large companies, active in healthcare, agri-food or the biobased economy. We actively look after the sector’s interests an support a strong network. By tackling the obstacles that hinder the biotech sector's ambitions, HollandBIO ensures that biotech innovations can be made available as quickly and widely as possible. 

Admedicum is a rapidly-growing European group of patient engagement experts. The company has been founded on the conviction that biopharma has to integrate patients as key stakeholders into the learning and decision making process along the value chain. However partnering with patients is complex and new to many. We specialize exclusively on helping companies with identifying valuable opportunities to work with patients and making it happen. 

Want to know more, or contribute with input and feedback? Please contact HollandBIO’s Britt van de Ven or admedicum’s Laura Harzheim!

We very much hope that this online guide can contribute to encourage companies to seek the insights from those who are suffering the diseases we try to tackle.”

On behalf of the teams from HollandBIO and admedicum® Business for Patients

Annemiek Verkamman

Managing Director HollandBIO

Philipp von Gallwitz and Dr. Andreas Reimann

Co-Founders and Managing Partners admedicum®Business for Patients