Getting Started

Good Patient Industry Interactions

Follow the admedicum® CLC-principles of patient engagement mentioned below. This is not a consecutive or exhaustive checklist to follow. But it may help you to take the right steps at the right time. Much of it can happen in parallel or start in part while other activities are ongoing. Check what has already been thought about or what is still to be done. Where are you with your thoughts and actions?


Preparing the

Mapping the players

Sustainable and reliable communication

Credibility and honesty

Transparency and respect of independence

“Faces”: personal contacts and empathy

Legal and behavioral compliance


Understanding patients' issues

Understanding the disease

Social and financial implications on patients and their families

Insight into patient journey, pain-points, touch-points


Therapeutic options

Understand treatment burden and willingness to take risk


Involve and create

Research, early development and concepts

Clinical development

Market access

Therapy adherence

Generating further data

Benefit-risk communication

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